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History of Bitcoin and Satoshi alias

Satoshi Nakomoto's revelation, published by members of his team, stirred the whole world. Satoshi always believed in the, that man is free. That's why he started the story with bitcoin. But the irony is that Satoshi himself fell into a trap from which he tried to escape. It took him 9 long years to understand and dispel his fictional ideas. He thought the truth in the world was always stranger than fiction. His closest colleague Hal Finney said at the time that at the time when Satoshi in the cryptographic list announced Bitcoin, his words were skeptical.

Satoshi was sure that he created history. Many did not believe, but he did create it. However, at some point in time, he forgot who he was and that he was struggling with himself. He was also sure that nobody can "beat You, unless You defeat yourself."

Origin Of Bitcoin

Many people think that the invention of bitcoin was purely accidental. This was something that was developed in no time. Now, after a while, Satoshi understands that this is not so. Bitcoin was worth a few cents. And only later its price increased and attracted the attention of the world community.

It all started as a child, when his father told Satoshi about the founder of the Bank BCCI. Satoshi's father worked in the banking system for more than 27 years and could tell his son a lot. The founder of the Bank, Aga Hassan Abedi, and forever changed the banking industry. This caught the attention of the bitcoin founder. When the Bank of England closed BCCI in 1991 due to scandals. More than a million depositors were affected. Satoshi saw with his own eyes how unfair it was. Later he realized that there were people in the Bank whose wrong position led to its closure.

Master's thesis

In the process of growing up Satoshi was interested in cryptography, numerology and quantum Finance. After some time, they will play an important role in the creation of bitcoin. In his master's thesis Satoshi told about DigiCask - Corporation of electronic money. It was once unique due to the anonymity of a number of cryptographic protocols. Even then, with the help of research, it became clear that bitcoin is the future, so the creation of bitcoin firmly entrenched in his head.

Due to the global financial crisis in 2008, there was a final push that led to the creation of Bitcoin. When Satoshi personally visited the UK in 2005, no Bank agreed to cooperate with him. He was unable to open an account, he was not a resident of the UK. Because of this, he did not have access to online funds. Satoshi wondered how to overcome this barrier.

He also did not like that banks control and use the money of their depositors. So he decided to act. The mission was to invent something that would allow an ordinary citizen to access money without banks.

Satoshi wanted to create that would forever change the financial system. It could give people some power.

How did the name Bitcoin appeared

The origin of the word Bitcoin is something not only from the term "bit", but in particular from the abbreviation of the Bank BCCI. Satoshi was obsessed with returning the good name to the Bank, and in its name received the desired Bitcoin. He had plans to create a new open source digital Bank, but they were postponed for further development and more benefits. That is why the domain was registered his goal is not to identify him.


Satoshi always thought that his real name brings failure, so created are known to all today, the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. As soon as he started the project of developing a new digital currency, he wanted to create an alias. This is to ensure that the online community helps him. Satoshi thought that the good luck will follow him, if he chooses a new name and will find a lucky number. It uses the new achievements of science such as numerology. He wanted to choose a name that had its real roots, but at the same time unusual.

It is the use of numerology, nicknamed and named after a major Japanese financier Satoshi Sumita, helped to choose such a pseudonym.

Colleague Hal Finney

His friend was a very famous scientist and programmer from California. Hell Finney was an active member of the cyberpunk group, which has always advocated confidentiality. He helped Satoshi a lot. Together in 2009, they conducted their first bitcoin transaction. His help was invaluable. Satoshi always wanted to work with computers that were physically online. That's why some people thought he worked in California, even though he never lived there.

Satoshi is an outstanding programmer and sees at the global level on a much larger scale. He can choose a technology that was abandoned sometime and find it useful things by which you can easily build the customized product.

When Satoshi started working on bitcoin, he wanted to focus only on the pseudonym, not on the name. Only Satoshi's name was mentioned on the original email addresses. Even his closest associates knew very little about him, because he talked to them encrypted messages. When his friend Hal saw the name Satoshi he, without knowing it, determined the name of a friend, because in California there was already a man Satoshi Nakamoto. The man's full name was Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, and he was mistaken for him. Hal did not ask a lot of questions, but in the end he's the only one who knew about these ancestors Satoshi.

When Satoshi Nakamoto was working on Bitcoin, he learned more about C++. But his friend Hal was always a head taller, on the next level. He was looking at the technical aspects, while Satoshi was looking at the commercial aspects. He had to work in different time zones since he was in the US. Satoshi always made sure that his IP address was not tracked. At the time, his laptop was weak and old. Then Hal organized several computers, which stood in different parts of the US, with the help which performed any heavy task.

From the very first day he knew that Satoshi was not a technician, but he liked his sincerity and intelligence in those things that others can not even imagine. After Hal's death, Satoshi thought he should go out into the world and tell something about it. However, all the time there was a question - whether it is worth risking, revealing the personality. Satoshi owe a lot to this man, because Hal was a true genius. We have no doubt that Nakamoto will make sure that everyone remembers about Hal Finney.

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