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Why is it profitable to mine cryptocurrencies today?

Crypto-winter gone down in history. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing, which means that each of us can make money on it. And if we take into account the rise of activity in the market, we can say: "Go ahead! Buy mining equipment. Get a steadily growing income." Today, the exchange rates of all coins show stable growth. This is especially true of Bitcoin. 

Why mining was and remains a promising direction in 2019

The price of ASICs shows a slight increase, within the correction. That is, now you can buy high-performance equipment for only a few thousand dollars. A small farm will cost, on average, $ 1-10 thousand. At the same time, the payback is not more than 3 months. 

Rate growth. Recently, Bitcoin has shown an increase of more than 3 times. During the crypto-winter, the rate was less than $4 thousand. Today the coin is trading above $12 thousand. 

Experts, including experts from major, leading cryptocurrency exchanges and Forbes magazine indicate that Bitcoin’s exchange rate by the end of the year will overcome the threshold of $30 – 40 thousand. The founder of Litecoin, Lee argues that by the end of August, "the digital gold" should cost above $20 thousand. 

At the moment, the actual is altcoins’ production from the TOP 100 list. At the same time, production can be organized even on standard, home video cards. 

Experts recommend paying attention to new, promising coins. For example, Gram is of interest. The extraction of such tokens should not be costly. Accordingly, it will be the most profitable. 

Why is it profitable to mine BTC?

Today, Bitcoin’s mining is especially profitable. Everyone has the opportunity to mine the last 20,000 BTC, which can be considered "white", and therefore the most profitable for investment. This token is considered more expensive and it will soon be traded at inflated prices. It is you who have the opportunity to mine it using cutting-edge equipment.

By the way, as the head of the sales Department of the company Company Estate-Priority Group Inc. Steve Dobkins, on the black market, the mined Bitcoins are more expensive by 15-20 %. That is why there is a queue for the purchase of mining equipment. Pre-orders are made for next 6 months. For this reason, equipment’s shipments were increased that everyone could buy it.

The market revived. There are many people who want to mine the latest bitcoins and make money on them. Do you want to be among them? So you should go HERE.

Mining’s advantages

Everyone can create an own farm. The mining’s profitability can be judged by the Kropivnitskaya farm, opened by the Brazilian Carlos Fusiyama. It has 17 thousand video cards. The farm is the largest in Europe. If it can be equipped with solar panels, the benefit will increase at least twice. 

At the moment, in fact, there is no clear tax base governing this type of activity. Accordingly, tax losses are minimal. 

Experts believe that mining of such coins as BTC, LTC and ETH will be profitable now. If we talk about simple altcoins, then you need to correlate your financial capabilities. It is important to choose a relatively productive equipment. It is important to get the token that shows stability. When choosing a coin, you need to pay special attention to the system that stands behind it. The more reliable is the token’s back, the more promising it is. But what could be more promising than BTC mining?

At the moment, mining can bring a very significant income. And if you work for the future, then the profit will be calculated in hundreds of percent.

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