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Top active crypto initial coins offerings

  Name Description Start Time End Time Website ICO Details
Weave Weave The universal cryptocurrency for Virtual and Augmented Reality powered by Blockchain Technology 2019-01-01 00:00:00 2019-04-30 23:59:00
VANM VANM VANM is a local search engine for products and services distributing advertising revenue among users 2019-01-01 00:00:00 2019-05-01 00:00:00
MACH MACH The MACH trading platform is a secure p2p asset trading platform. It is possible to trade Mach coins and other cryptocurrencies. 2019-07-05 20:31:00 2019-07-11 20:31:00
Boltt Protocol Boltt Protocol A truly decentralized health care network. A truly decentralized health care network. Disclose the true power of health data to users, organizations and developers using Blockchain technology. 2019-07-04 08:55:00 2019-07-08 08:55:00
Vectorium Plus Vectorium Plus Vectorium Flash is available to everyone and it is based on the latest code base implementing sapling and overwinter security support. Faster lock times allow you to send and receive coins within a few milliseconds. 2019-07-02 00:00:00 2019-08-12 00:00:00
Mitoshi Mitoshi MITOSHI is a new generation of online games and crypto-lotteries based on the block chain. The centralization of global lotteries today strongly hinders the growth of lotteries. Taxation, slow payments and regulations are damaging to the industry. Mitoshi CryptoLotto aims to solve this problem by using smart contracts on the blockchain platform. 2019-07-01 00:00:00 2019-08-25 00:00:00
Crypto Franchise Crypto Franchise Cryptofranchise helps retail franchise brands finally take advantage of blockchain technology. 2019-07-03 00:00:00 2019-07-03 00:00:00
Stable Dex Stable Dex The stableDEX platform offers a 100% decentralized peer-to-peer trading environment. Using stableDEX users retain complete security and control over assets in his wallet. 2019-07-04 10:53:00 2019-07-11 10:53:00
Akropolis Akropolis Acropolis is building a financial Protocol for a specific area dedicated to the needs of the informal economy. 2019-07-16 11:02:00 2019-07-16 11:02:00
ZOPTAX (ROUND 4) ZOPTAX (ROUND 4) Zoptax is a chain of calls based on the blockchain, providing its users complete safety and the possibility of private VOIP calls via a decentralized network. 2019-07-16 11:20:00 2019-07-30 11:20:00
Pixelbit Pixelbit PixelBit is a brilliant system designed to revolutionize games. PixelBit (pxb coin) not only provides a single and valuable currency that serves as the basis for cross-platform, inter-game purchases and trading, such as additional content, skins. 2019-07-11 11:26:00 2019-08-31 11:27:00
Migranet Migranet The world's first immigration platform that combines artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, biometrics and blockchain technology. 2019-05-16 11:36:00 2019-08-15 11:36:00
ListeningMind ListeningMind Listening Mind pays close attention to search data not just because there is a lot of data from Internet users in the search data. The reason we do this is because Internet users provide critical personal information about their needs, desires, and problems to search engines like Google, Baidu, Yandex, and Naver that they don't normally provide to other Internet services. 2019-05-24 11:39:00 2019-08-30 11:40:00
VenusEnergy VenusEnergy VenusEnergy is a project, which in the scale of environmental pollution is the alternative. Cryptocurrency mining using electricity from renewable energy sources. 2019-07-01 13:04:00 2019-08-31 13:04:00
Octera Octera The symbiosis between the socially responsible idea of "the Way to the green world" and a well-thought-out financial model that will allow you to earn more than 24 cryptocurrencies and provide income to all depositors. 2019-08-31 13:10:00 2019-08-31 13:10:00
LOLTOKEN BY EIU.AC LOLTOKEN BY EIU.AC The LOL project team already owns and operates international kindergartens, primary and secondary schools (, business school ( over the past 20 years. The French government recognized and international accredited University ( 2019-08-15 13:32:00 2019-08-15 13:32:00
Moozicore Moozicore Moozicore is a revolutionary background music service for places where music is important to customers. The aim of Moozicore is to develop places such as bars, restaurants, gyms and any other entertainment venues, creating individual, social music opportunities for each client 2019-07-05 13:38:00 2019-07-31 13:38:00
Stellero Stellero Stellerro leads an innovative project for the emerging digital securities industry, ensuring companies comply with appropriate underwriting, compliance and distribution processes in numerous regulated jurisdictions. 2019-07-06 14:16:00 2019-08-18 14:17:00

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