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Ethereum no longer considered to be Aldona

Gradually, we come to a situation where many cryptocurrencies show significant growth indicators. At the same time, they become independent systems. In this case, we can safely say that Ethereum can no longer be classified as altcoins. 

Employees of the instruction cryptocurrency exchange SFOX (San Francisco Open Exchange) believe that this coin has long gone through this stage of its development. Recently, more and more often Ethereum is perceived as a full-fledged Blockchain identical to Bitcoin. 

What are the conclusions of specialists based on?

First of all, they paid attention to the correlation. She is becoming slightly higher than the rest kainam. In particular, at the moment the correctional dependence is observed at the level of 0.788. At the same time, with respect to LTC 0.577. 

Experts note that Ethereum is turning into an independent blockchain, with recognized personal characteristics and signs of recognition. 

The report of SFOX said that now it is perfectly clear that large investors have a preference for Bitcoin. And this is despite the close attention to the industry from regulators. Investors believe that their main attention will be paid by the regulatory authorities of the world to the coin №1. 

The report separately noted that during the events that occur around the Libra coin, volatility significantly increased. But here we see that the dominance of Bitcoin has increased. At the moment, on average, it ranges from 65%. 

Thus, we can safely say that now it is time to revise the principles of classification of cryptocurrencies. Ethereum already has all the features of an independent cryptocurrency and an independent blockchain. In addition, we should not forget that in the near future the blockchain of a new generation will be launched, which is able to turn the perception of the crypto-currency industry. In this case we are talking about the TON project.

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