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Pompliano called the EU economy "rocket fuel" for the cryptocurrency rate

One of the founders of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, E. Pompliano believes that the new direction of the policy of the European Union can become a "rocket fuel" for the value of Bitcoin. In his Twitter, he analyzed an article by Bloomberg, which analyzes the views and steps of European economists to stimulate the Eurozone economy. In particular, the article deals with the reduction of interest rates and the restoration of the political direction for qualitative easing.

He said that they are preparing to cut rates and start printing new banknotes. This is at a time when the cryptocurrency community is preparing for a new bitcoin halving. He offered the whole world a seat belt.

Anthony has already said that by the end of 2021 it is expected that the value of Bitcoin will reach $100 thousand. A particularly large surge is to be expected after September. It is at the beginning of autumn that plans for the next stage of stimulating the European economy fall. At the same time, the fed plans to lower its interest rates. In turn, the ECB plans to reduce the rate by 20 basis points.

All experts believe that the systematic reduction of interest rates by the State banks of the world leads to an increase in interest in alternative currencies. But at the same time, it creates new risks and damages all investment financial institutions.


Thus, while the governments of the world in General, and the EU economists in particular, are trying to have a stimulating effect on the physical economy, cryptocurrencies are waiting for rapid growth. The more interest rates fall, the faster the growth of the cryptocurrency rate is to be expected.

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