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Visa CEO Kelly: nobody hurries to join Libra so far

The CEO of Visa Alfred Kelly stated that no company has officially joined the implementation of the Libra project to date. He specified that 27 investors have signed the preliminary agreement. However, it practically plays no role. In particular, the letter of intent to join the new Facebook project was signed. 

Kelly specified that now it is too early to mention the official accession of the project. At the moment representatives of Visa are conducting negotiations with Libra Association. The agreement can be signed only after investors receive answers to all their questions. Besides, it is essential that Facebook solves all the problems with World regulators. Hence, it was a question not only about America. 

Kelly focused specifically on confidentiality issues. He noted that during senate hearings where D. Markus was a speaker, no answer to the significant questions was received. 

Thus, at the moment it is possible to say that the negotiations process of Facebook with investors is at a very initial stage. Not all companies which signed the letter are ready to invest their funds in this project. No potential partner has transferred funds to accounts of Libra Association to date. At the same time, if negotiations do not proceed, there is a possibility that the project will be left without investor support. 

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