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S. Bannon: populists’ rebellion will help to develop cryptocurrencies

Stephen Bannon, the head of Breitbart News BoD and chief ex-strategist of D. Trump’s government, thinks that the modern geopolitical situation in the world promotes accepting and development of cryptocurrencies. In particular, he believes in the future of digital assets in the world, taken over by the populists.

Bannon pointed out that modern governments and bank circles don’t want to admit cryptocurrencies. They will try to put this kind of assets in certain limits using all kinds of methods. They need clear regulation of this sphere because they don’t want to refuse from fiat money. 

Bannon thinks that the developing of the Libra project is primarily aimed against such Chinese giants as Alibaba and Tencent. He is sure, that economic war between the US and China can be considered the determining aspect of the modern world community. The further future of all the economic world will depend on its results.

Stephen supposes that the US has to actively resist China, countries of Latin America and Africa (where the digital assets are just developing). It is connected with the fact that the third world’s cryptocurrencies can deprive the dollar of its world dominance and status of a backup currency.

He is sure that in the celestial empire they wait for the presidential election in the USA with trepidation. They wish that the Democrats would take over the position of the head of the government.

Let us remind you that it is Bannon who thinks that only cryptocurrencies can to emancipate the world’s citizen from the Central Bank and finance elites’ control. He is sure that the global culture of economic suppression can be broken by populists’ world representatives of the nationalist wing. All the world’s banks are afraid of it. Besides, Stephen Bannon repeatedly claimed that he was ready to create his digital asset.

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