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What is the percentage of illegal transactions in the Bitcoin chain?

Elliptic, MIT and IBM analysts concluded did mutual research and found out which percentage of illegal transactions is made via the Bitcoin chain. They applied the method of deep research. As a result, they managed to determine how many percent of transactions belong to illegal goals.

The specialists analyzed 203 769 transactions. About $6 billion were made with the help of these transactions. It turned out to be that there were only 2% of illegal transactions there. At the same time, there were only 21% of clean transactions. The rest of the operations were marked as those having no clear origin.

Similar research was also conducted earlier. In particular, in the 2018 Chainanalysis company did its research. Not more than 1% of criminals were present at the market at that moment (from the amount of all the transactions made in the Bitcoin chain).

Let us remind you that in 2012 there were slightly more than 7% of criminal elements.

To conclude, the regulators and the world’s governments got another confirmation of the fact that the cryptocurrencies aren’t used for criminal aims. In particular, we mean money laundering. A bit earlier the criminals claimed that they preferred working with fiat money. They are used 8 times more in comparison with digital assets.

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