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C. Wright declared that he would give away $8 billion to the needy in 2020

Craig Wright, who is the impersonating Bitcoin developer, declared that in 2020 he will donate all his coins to charity. At the moment, the sum of tokens worth $8 billion is blocked at his accounts. But, strangely, Wright cannot prove that he is the owner of this big wealth. In fact, he continues to argue not only with the court but also with the public and tries to prove that it was he who introduced the digital gold.

Let us remind you that Bitcoins worth $8 billion are blocked up to 2020. It turns out to be that Wright can easily bypass this block. It can become another proof that he is Satoshi Nakomoto himself.

Wright claimed that he would give away all the coins he possessed. He wants to spend them to develop education. Unfortunately, he wants to give them for the education of citizens in South America and Africa. Although, there are a lot of such problematic territories in the world.

There’s also one interesting aspect. In partucular, in the court, Wright wasn’t able to prove that he was the holder of the keys of the first Bitcoin. As a proof of him being right, he couldn’t provide them. Curiously, Wright thinks that no other world’s citizen will be able to do it. However, we cannot prove his arguments.

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