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Tom Lee says that the US Federal Reserve Board helps Bitcoin to grow

Tom Lee – co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors – says that his optimistic assessment overestimates became the reality. He believes that Bitcoin would grow to the point of 20 thousand dollars by the end of the year. That’s mean that mining has only 4 or 5 months for historical upgrading.

Tom Lee believes that the US Federal Reserve Board will be the first assistant of Cryptocurrency. He claims that the full reduction of interest rates will be the cause of money invested in the riskiest projects. Also, a part of the money will be invested into hedging. In turn, such outcomes have a beneficial impact on increasing of Bitcoin.

It’s important to remain that FRB lowered interest rates by 25 points – 2 -2.25%.

During hearings on the Bank Committee Jerome Powell – Chairman of FRB – had stated that digital assets could replace all reserve currencies. But now people don’t use Bitcoin as a means of payment. It serves as a speculative investment instrument. It should be recalled that Tom Lee had previously claimed about the possibility of Bitcoin growth to the point of 40 thousand dollars. This was after overcoming the point of 10 thousand dollars. But these aspirations had not materialized. Bitcoin might be growing next month.

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