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The growth of Bitcoin depends on Trump's comments and actions of FRB

The Analysis Unit Binance Research carried out studies and confirmed that cryptocurrency and other investment instruments depend on a few powerful countries. Based on Tramp statements which he regularly writing on Twitter we are witnessing exchange rate volatilities. As soon as America’s trade war with Chinese is calming down currencies are tumbled. But it is rising during the active stage.

As at 1 August, Donald Trump said that he has regrets about all his statement concerning negotiations in Beijing. It should be remaining that Tramp said about the successful outcome of the negotiations which wasn't true. Now it is too early to comment signing contract with China.

Instead, a 10 per cent Chinese fee will come into effect from 1 September. The reaction of the market was immediate – the rate was increased. Besides lower interest rates the growth was intensified by another great power. The lower interest rates were just simple support for American companies. FRB try to make their goods competitive for the world market in such a way. That’s mean that FBR protects an export.

Protectionism can be a cause of the fragility of the world economy. In such circumstances, investors don’t want to invest risky projects. They use cryptocurrency for this reason.

Therefore, the growth of Bitcoin is possible. Analysts believe that FRB could help to reborn the increase in mining.

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