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Roger Ver stepped down from the Executive Director. The launch of Bitcoin exchange is announced

Roger Ver stepped out from the Executive Director of The company confirmed its intention to start exchange in the follow-up to this decision. Roger Ver assumed the position of the Executive Chairman. His position was taken by the director of corporate and business planning Stefan Rust. Roger Ver was a true patriot of Bitcoin from the beginning of the digital era. But in 2017 he became a supporter of Bitcoin Cash. He was one of those who want to realize hard fork. The result of it was the creation of Bitcoin Cash.

In 2018 he supported D. Vu which was involved in a war of Bitcoin against Bitcoin SV. That’s mean that he opposed C. Wright. In may 2012 Craig filed a lawsuit against Ver. But the High Court of London dismissed the complaint because of the insufficient prospect.

Ver mentioned the start of exchange in September 2018. Pre-registration is started now. Bitcoin will be used as the base currency. 50 trade couple will be available after starting exchange in September 2019.

Coin based on SLP report will be presented on a new exchange. Such innovation could be a cause of rapid growth of Bitcoin.

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