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The9 Ltd is the first TON project investor

One of the largest companies in Shanghai, The9 Ltd is the first major investor of TON. In particular, in the report of the company, posted on the website by SEC, it is specified that in 2018, during the closed bids of coins, the Shanghai stockholder was the first one to invest his funds. The transaction was undertaken for $2 million. For these funds, 5,297,257 tokens of Gram were purchased. To note, they will be launched at the end of October 2019. 

Pay attention to the fact that at the time of carrying out ICO, one coin cost only $0.38. At the moment, the price of one token exceeds $2.1. According to experts, by the time of the official project launch, the cost of the coin will exceed $19. 
To remind, The9 Ltd company is developing computer games. Besides, it is an official distributor of some major developers of online games. In 2018 the management of the company decided to change the economic policy. In particular, the decision was made to invest in products, related to the shared register technology. 

The TON project was one of the first to take place in their updated investment portfolio. At the same time, the campaign became the first investor of Pavel Durov’s project, among 175 others. Soon information on other investors will be available. It should be noted that during the ICO, the project was able to attract $1.7 billion.

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