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Bitcoin resists offensive regulators

Crypto currency regulatory initiatives in different countries

  • In USA meetings on the global regulation of all the crypto currency projects are in full swing. Government sees that like a concrete treat to the economy not only of the country, but also worldwide. 
  • At the same time some states already took actions:
  • In India there is a law being developed to ban all the crypto currencies on its territory. Extraction, selling, generating or any other operations with this tool will be prohibited. Moreover, the punishment for this crime will be harsh – up to 5 years in jail. 
  • The U.S.A Congress is considering a bill that will prohibit for the big technology companies to create any crypto assets.
  • French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) will only issue the licenses for the companies, that submitted all the necessary documents and agreed to follow the new rules.
  • The Japanese government is launching a specific crypto currency payment system similar to SWIFT banking. 

As we can see, some agree with the existence of crypto projects, but some are categorically against it. Nevertheless, right now we are getting more and more news from countries about this subject. 

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