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Exchangers for cryptocurrencies

Nowadays there a lot different cryptocurrency exchangers. However, we can often meet fraudulent websites, who get money from the user and just steal it. 

Let’s consider the criteria according to which you can choose a reliable cryptocurrency exchanger:

1. The duration of active actions. It is one of the main features of this service’s reliability. There are exchangers, which have processed operations for 8 years already. If you work with them, you won’t be afraid that your money will not be used as intended. The old exchangers are always at the top of any rates.

2. Clients’ comments. Many websites in the Net watch the comments of the cryptocurrency exchangers’ users. If the positive comments prevail over the negative ones, we can talk about the reliable and respectable functioning of the service.

3. Reserves. The top exchangers have very large reserves of currency. It is not only the demonstration of a serious approach to business but also the proof of the opportunity to process big exchange operations. 

4. Support service introducing. When using the service, there can appear some questions regarding the work or processing some operations. If the exchanger can solve this problem, it will be appreciated by the users.

Despite all these criteria, we should note that the semi-legal activities of such exchangers don’t provide any guarantees, even if there is an impeccable reputation. Everything is done only based on reputation and trust.

Hackers on the cryptocurrency market

Nowadays the hackers’ interest in cryptocurrency keeps growing. We see the forming of groups specializing in hackers’ attacks and stealing expensive cryptocurrency. 

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