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Colombians invest in cryptocurrency

According to statistics, more than 50% of the surveyed population aged 25 to 40 years have already tried investing in cryptocurrencies. Most popular, of course, bitcoin – it invested almost 80% of respondents. Also, residents of Colombia invested in Bytecoin. The study also confirmed that more than half of the respondents plan to expand their knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies

The study pointed to the fact that the majority of Colombian residents believe the need to regulate the cryptocurrency industry is correct. Almost all respondents associate the future of trading around the world with cryptocurrency, and 20% see electronic assets as an alternative to traditional money.

By the way, if you take research in the US, less than half of the country's residents are ready to invest in bitcoin. Libra from Facebook is not in great demand, because only 5% of the surveyed residents have an interest in it.

"Interest in digital currencies is growing. The new generation communicates with each other mainly through the Internet. This leads to their desire to hold assets in electronic currency. They are already ready to make transactions, to buy goods via the Internet. This is a new opportunity for a new generation," the researchers note.

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