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New ways of earning

New progressive types of earnings are the following:

1. Cryptocurrency speculation on the stock exchange. In order to start this online business you need only $ 500. The point is to buy assets at a lower price and sell them at a higher price. On special exchanges can be tracked by the relevant schedules of the price of an instrument. Earnings consist of the difference between the purchase price and the sale price.

2. Cryptocurrency social networks. At the moment, you can find not only an international, but also a Russian project of a crypto-currency social network on the Internet. One of the most popular ways to make money on cryptocurrency in social networks is blogging. Likes received for certain materials are exchanged by the owner for cryptocurrency. Thus, bloggers earn more when they publish more materials. 

3. Cryptocurrency arbitrage. For this earnings need to register at least 2 trading platforms. In the future, the essence of earnings is no different from speculation - you need to buy on one site at a lower price, and sell on the other at a higher price.

4. Investments in e-currency. You need to invest your savings not only in bitcoins, but also in other promising currencies. Bitcoin is more suitable for long-term investment, while cryptocurrencies of new products are better to use for a short term. The exchange rate of new currencies may grow several times over the year. The only difficulty is the optimal choice of the instrument in which to invest.

5. Registration in ICO projects. In such projects, the administration sells coins at a price below the market price. Using this fact, you can make good money on their purchase. Although this method carries certain risks, but here no one can guarantee a successful result of the enterprise.

Summing up the results of these options, we can say that the user currently has a wide choice of ways to earn on cryptocurrency.

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