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It is expected that by the end of the week the price of Ethereum will reach the milestone of $350

Signals to the renewal of rally began to appear 2 - 3 weeks ago. The coin tried to cling to each important reference point of cost. Last week it managed to remain higher than $ 200. The beginning of the week showed that ETH has the potential to strike through not only the 250 $ level but also $350. 

On the morning of August 5, the price of a coin surpassed a mark of $230. At the same time, the course did not stop and continued its growth. During the last day, the coin price has grown by 4.9%. At this moment, the course makes $231.8. Capitalization: $24857824981. 

Experts consider that the new round of the American-Chinese trade war will increase the level of investor’s mistrust to dollar and yuan. At the same time, the yuan exchange rate began to fall promptly. Against this background, there is nothing surprising that the course of Ethereum began rapid growth. , Following the Bitcoin, it can grow by several dozen points by August 24. 

Thus, having estimated all aspects, including the entrance of many investors to the cryptocurrency market, it can be said confidently that the course Ethereum, by August 24, can step over a mark of $350.


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